March 18, 2010

Exploration #16

...of my "How to be an Explorer of the World: Portable Art Life Museum" by Keri Smith.  Here's the page:
My scanner was misbehaving today, so I had to take pictures instead...anyway.  I've been gathering answers to my questions for a while, using yahoo answers and some random poll-creating websites.  Instead of graphs (boring) I did this:  (You're definitely going to have to click to read this one.)
In case you're wondering, my answers are:
Favorite type of pie: A tie between apple, pumpkin, & blueberry.  I have to pick just one?!  In that  Maybe.
Chocolate: Dark chocolate!  I used to hate it back when I was a milk chocolate fan.  
Robots or Dinosaurs: I couldn't possibly pick.  They're both so awesome (I just like them cutesy, no real-life metal talky robots for me.  Or dinos that are going to eat me).
2 AM or 2 PM: 2 AM for sure.
French toast, waffles, or pancakes: FRENCH TOAST!!  In second place would be pancakes.
Inanimate object: I have absolutely no idea.  Random question.  Though my favorite answers to that are: Johnny Depp's blanket, Justin Bieber's pants, someone's favorite necklace, and a suitcase ("because you get to travel the world", that person said).
What are your answers?

And I also came across this, and did as it said and underlined:
Not that I'm an artist, but it still applies.  #1 kills me...I do it all the time, and end up convincing myself that I can't do something because I'm not as good as so-and-so.


Kpax said...

1. Cheesecake (specifically, my dad's recipe)

2. White

3. Dinosaurs (but only just barely - and probably because I just watched Jurassic Park)

4. 2 AM


6. If I could be an inanimate object... would a Redwood tree count as inanimate? Cause I'd choose to be a redwood tree. I lol'd when I saw someone wanted to be a cardboard box.

Beth said...

I like the crust of cheesecake.
Well, the definition is "not alive, esp. not in the manner of animals and humans", so I guess. Someone said 'flower' so I was pondering over that too. Plants are alive, but technically they would be inanimate.
Redwood trees are awesome!

lala said...

how come i wasnt invited to the poll? :'(

Beth said...

No one was invited, it was just an anonymous yahoo answers thing. But you can answer here if you'd like!

lala said...

1. key lime (or pecan)
2. milk chocolate
3. um....thats really hard. can there be a both category?
4. 2 PM
5. waffles, but good kind. id leggo my eggo. id rather have belgian waffles
6. a camera

Beth said...

Can you believe I've never had pecan pie?!
Sure! I can't decide either.
Belgian waffles....with strawberry sauce? Yess.

jessica said...

this is such a cool survey! i'll jump in, even though i'm a little late.

1. apple pie, the kind with crumbs on top. :)
2. dark chocolate. then milk. white is NOT a chocolate!
3. dinosaurs!
4. i was surprised at how hard this was to decide. if i am alone and it's sunny, 2pm. if i'm with people, 2am, definitely.
5. french toast.
6. aww...i will second "cloud". :)

and, silly, you ARE an artist!

Beth said...

Mm, yummy!
Well, technically white chocolate has cocoa butter in it. But I know....I've never really considered it to be CHOCOLATE chocolate.

Gosh. Thanks!