March 16, 2010


My dad requested a peach pie made with some frozen white peaches we had previously bought and cut up.  So here it is, with vanilla ice cream and a pie crust cookie!  Peach pie isn't my favorite, but I still can't get over how good the shortening crust is.
With the second crust, I tried out something I had my eye on for a while:

Strawberry tart with orange cream!  It's a tart shell filled with orange-flavored cream cheese and topped with strawberries.  The recipe says to brush the strawberries with apricot jam, but I made an apricot jam and lemon curd mixture to use as a side dip.  I love strawberries, and with the cream cheese and amazing crust it was just....and the dip....  Mm, really good together.


lala said...


Beth said...

Someday, you WILL eat that strawberry cream cheese pie. Because I will make some. And put it in your mouth.

lala said...

and i will eat it.