March 10, 2010

SCONES! I like them.

Berry juice & lemon zest.  Extremely sticky dough & stained fingernails.  32 tiny triangles.
I made scones tonight!
Well, some not-so-pretty scones.  They looked better in the pre-baked stages!  But they taste fantastical.  
These scones have buttermilk and sour cream in them, which help make them lighter and the scone texture that I like.  I don't care for those rock hard ones....
The recipe was originally white chocolate blueberry scones from Lick The Bowl Good, but I used Vanilla Sugar's altered version (look at her can really see the scone texture in the photo with the butter hunk).  So in addition to her alterations, I used mixed berries (raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries), and instead of making 8 huge scones, I cut the dough so that I would have 32 tiny scones.  And of course I ate them with lemon curd.

Time to eat more scones?  Yes.  That would be lovely.


lala said...

they were good :)

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