March 13, 2010

Songs I currently love.

Pa Pa Power- Dead Man's Bones
Cartoons And Macramé Wounds- Mew
Twins in the Attic- Mr Little Jeans Vs. Twin Shadow
A Funny Thing- Penguin Prison
I Am Warm & Powerful- Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
1999- Suburban Kids With Biblical Names
Zero- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Go Do- Jónsi
Make This Go On Forever- Snow Patrol
My Wife, Lost in the Wild- Beirut
A Real Clever Trick Fur A Bear- Analog Rebellion
Giving Up The Gun- Vampire Weekend


meg said...

I love that snow patrol song too

lol, the uploader of the youtube vid had this to say:

"ana.. can u hear me.. i' miss u so.. i can't let u go.. our memory.. but i hate u..u have had with another man. i hope u happy.. i hope it on u..

no goodbye for me..

goodbye to u.. "

god beth, based off of these band names, wizard palace or whatev definitely sounds like a band you'd like. i hope u like it.. i hope it on u..

meg said...

"Mr. Little Jeans Vs. Twin Shadow"


Beth said...

Aha, yeahh. I think most of the videos of that song were live ones, I forget. And I don't like live.

Ahhhh no! You're just jealous!
Yes, the names are lolzy, but just think of some of the names of mainstream artists. (Well, these suck anyway, but...) Nickelback? What are they trying to say, 'can I have my nickel back?' Weird.
Limp Bizkit. Butthole Surfers. Hoobastank. Korn. Lady Gaga. Uncle Kracker.
And.....I do have some songs by them, but I have to say, the name 'Goo Goo Dolls' is just ridiculous.
So obviously the name isn't what's important, right?
You can continue to laugh at my band names, I won't be offended :]

jessica said...

laura gave me "giving up the gun" about three weeks ago, i CANNOT stop listening to it. :)

Beth said...

I so good. Do you know any others from that album? No sophomore slump there!